Ohio Five staff present at Case Western Reserve University

Mark Christel, Kabria Baumgartner, Emily Gattozzi, and Alan Boyd shared experiences on our grant at the Freedman Center Colloquium,"Exploring Collaboration in Digital Scholarship" held on April 8, 2013 at Case Western Reserve University


Steering Committee Minutes 11/13/12

New grant proposal
  • Ron Griggs will review assessment documentation with a Kenyon institutional research assistant and have some preliminary results to incorporate in new grant proposal
  • Steering committee call scheduled for 11/20; only topic: discussion of proposal; Mark will send sections prior
  • first full draft of proposal done by 11/26
  • goal to send to Mellon at end of November     
Technical Infrastructure Committee update
  • Alan keeping in touch with Matt Rolf re: CONTENTdm ---> DRC transfers (OBE and DEN) and some filemaker scripting work for WOO    
Staff Development Committee update
  • Staff survey still underway 
Campus updates
  • OWU - newspaper files back within a week - good condition; worried about getting some final reports
  • WOO - getting ready to send print newspaper to iArchives; search starting soon to replace Marsha Bansberg
  • KEN  - digital services librarian starting in dec


ALAO Presentations

Researcher Revolt panel
There were two presentations at this year's Academic Library Association of Ohio meeting (Oct. 25-26 in Wilmington, OH) in which Ohio Five staff participated.  Alan Boyd (Oberlin) moderated a panel discussion at the "Researcher Revolt" preconference which was organized by Meghan Frazer, recently departed from the staff at Kenyon.   During the conference itself, Meghan, Emily Gattozzi (OWU) and Alan gave a well-attended presentation on "The Next Generation Library: Integrating Digital Collections into the Liberal Arts Curriculum".  Alan provided a general background on the grant while Meghan and Emily showcased individual collections.  The presentation then turned into a lively question and answer session including "lessons learned" and "take aways" for the audience who commented favorably on the level of inter-institutional collaboration and faculty engagement we've worked to create.


Steering Committee Minutes 9/25/12

Technical Infrastructure Committee.  Catalina’s last day of work will be October 12.  Discussion focused on both what we need to do before she leaves and how we will cope afterward.  The newspaper loading is coming along well—with three schools that now have at least some issues that are public.  Catalina has been working with library staff on the loading process.  Kenyon in particular will need some help in that regard.  Since Omeka isn’t that great as a portal, Catalina is working on establishing a WordPress presence on Bluehost that will function as a portal for the project.  We will need to decide what we want Matt to accomplish and who will supervise him.  He’s just recently finished some DRC work for Oberlin.  Catalina plans to make final campus visits next week. 

The portal should be able to handle the organization of information related to the grant report.  Mark noted that we needed to get as many reports on faculty projects submitted as soon as possible.  Catalina will send a list of the reports that have been completed so far. We will have some extra money in the current grant from the lines for both Catalina and Matt and also surpluses in individual projects.  We have until March to do the final report.  We can work on spending out project funds until then.  For projects involving classes that have not yet been taught, we can ask faculty to describe how the collection will be used in teaching. Our basic goal will be to have all projects completed except for final reports and the final stipends by the end of 2012.

Staff Development Committee.  The faculty videos are the one remaining project.  An Oberlin student is editing them.  Three videos are finished, two are in final stages, and three more are in the pipeline.  All schools are represented except for Kenyon.

Campus Updates.  Oberlin has recently hired a catalog department student assistant to assist with one project.  Mary just met with the Denison liaison librarians to review the status of projects and a timetable for reports from faculty and librarians.  Wooster is working to recruit two projects—one from the art department and one from the museum.

Deans’ letter of support for the next grant.  The deans will be meeting at Ohio Wesleyan on October 24 and will need to put together background information related to the letter of support for discussion with them at that meeting.  Ray summarized the points that need to be addressed in the deans’ letter.  We need to have an overall summary of how the current grant has changed campus climates.  It was agreed that each school will prepare summaries with specific examples and quotes from participating faculty.  The summaries, which can be based on project reports, videos, and contact with faculty, should be sent to Ray by October 12.  He can then develop a summary for the deans’ letter.

We also need to define the digital scholarship position carefully and we will want the deans to express support for the position, as we define it, in their letter.  Cathi mentioned an example of a digital humanities position at Yale that she will circulate.  She and Mark will draw on it to create a first draft of the position description.  We will share discuss the description with the deans at the October 24 meeting.

The background we provide the deans for the meeting will also need to get them thinking about the question of the grants’ impact on the faculty reward system and about strategies for sustainability.

New grant proposal discussions with staff.  Alan will trim down the précis of the grant that we sent earlier to Mellon—and we can use the shortened version in conversations with library staff to both inform them about and engage them with the new grant proposal.


Steering Committee Minutes August 21

Technical Infrastructure Committee update
  • Needed to reschedule the TIC conference call meeting since they were scheduled for yesterday and the Omeka workshop precluded. Omeka and the Project portal will be one topic of discussion at the TIC conf. call
  • The Omeka Workshop was a success -- about 20 people attended so more people now know what they are talking about with Omeka. They got a good overview of pedagogical uses by Mark Tebeau as well as better options for certain uses (e.g. WordPress). Erin Bell was there and gave more technical details for 1/2 the group
  • Newspaper content is arriving steadily on or ahead of schedule—there are some bottlenecks in loading due to temporary upload file space at OL and upload speeds at some institutions. Catalina is babysitting all this.
Staff Development Committee update
  • Catalina is continuing to work on the reflection videos with faculty and students talking about projects. The two completed reflections are at http://ohio5.org/omeka/videos
Campus updates
  • All campuses are working on wrapping up NGL grants for December and the newspaper project.
Mellon proposal status & process going forward
  • Mellon is looking for full proposal by Thanksgiving and, after reading the most recent précis, is willing to fund $775,000. The full OH5 proposal will be on the docket for March meeting. Will need to demonstrate sustainability and provide evidence of support in the form of a letter from CAOs. We will need to ask provosts and deans to think about how digital initiatives have been incorporated into tenure and promotion. Have digital projects been included as part of tenure review? Must demonstrate that digital projects have had impact on campus culture. Professional development for library staff is important.
  • Basic one-page outline to share with staff and get their opinions on proposal. Their feedback would be helpful when we are drafting the full proposal.
  • Use précis as outline for the full proposal and add detail where needed. Also add information about assessment, sustainability, etc. to flesh out proposal.
  • Need to get a letter from Provosts in support of additional grant. Celebrate what has already been accomplished and imagine what will be accomplished.
  • Gwen Evans was named interim executive director of OhioLINK. Looks like things at OhioLINK could be heading in a good direction but not sure what future steps will be.
  • OH5 Board Meeting 12/12/12 (Same day as Independent Directors at OhioLINK). Full board meeting around 5:00, with reports.
  • Kenyon’s president announced that this will be her last year.
  • OWU will be getting a new CFO and new Provost in the near future. Searches are underway.
  • Funding for ERM: Susan and Amy are in the process of writing up report/request to operating committee, telling them why we want to do this. Will tie the request to Sierra implementation. Cathi will work with Amy Fry on a potential ERM workshop.


Steering Committee Minutes August 7th

  • Technical Infrastructure Committee update
    • Alan--update schuduled for a call on Aug. 20. Confirming a time Talk about the portal. The current portal is not sustainable. Look at a web interface or wordpress.
    • Tech will develop their own problems and answers
  • Staff Development Committee update
    • Omeka training--Training will be on August 20th at Denison
    • Anyone using Omeka for collections should attend. The training will be a mix of broad ideas and specific technical help
  • Campus updates
    • Newspaper project tests are up on test for Kenyon, Oberlin and Wooster.
    • The tests look good. Wooster has all of Microfilm reels ready to go.
    • Wooster working on faculty IR-2500 citiations in but are still working on the project.
    • Oberlin has some some IR data up as well.
    • OWU is moving forward on final major projects.
    • Final reports are on the assessment document in the Wiki. Actually need the final report to Catalina if you haven't already. And create OCLC records.
    • Kenyon is working on last grants and final reports.
    • Denison is working on some grant payments to student issues.
  • Comments/feedback on the precis? Susan is working on a cover letter and this will probably go out tomorrow.
  • Any discussion of the OL survey on the discovery layer? This is a one page survey databases, link resolver and expenses. OhioLINK--migration from Sierra will be a smooth transition. Relates back to the Millennium staff mode that they are used to using.


Ohio5 Omeka Workshop

The Five Colleges of Ohio will offer a workshop about using Omeka on Monday August 20th from 10-3 in the computer lab at Denison University's William Howard Doane library presented by Mark Tebeau and Erin Bell of the Center For Public History. The workshop will cover broad strategic goals for using Omeka as well as answer technical questions. All library staff and faculty are welcome to attend, if there is space available student works may also be able to attend, please contact Catalina at caoyler@gmail.com for more information.

If you would like to attend this workshop and have not used Omeka before, please contact Catalina or your Technical Infrastructure Committee representative to get an account in the Ohio5 Omeka instance. Documentation and additional information about Omeka is available on the NGL Wiki.

Register for the Omeka workshop before August 15th at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/oh5omeka